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the village of lights

The Village of Lights was an (unofficial) world-record-setting, immersive Dickens Village, consisting of nearly one thousand lighted houses, an 80-foot table, individually wired lights, and a synchronized soundtrack telling a story of peace in times of war. 

The historical fiction narrative follows an old farmer in a village in the English countryside around the time England officially joined WWII. Based on the historic light curfew, the farmer volunteers to gather and store all of the Christmas lights from the village until it is safe to re-hang them. But he has a trick up his sleeve that might just cost him everything.

Proceeds from the immersive experience provided winter clothing for international refugees living in Salt Lake City. Click here to hear the audio from the experience. The story was also turned into an illustrated picture book, which can be purchased here.

One of the enduring aspects of this project was the employment of creativity as a tool for community improvement. Though it would take nearly another decade for me to begin to articulate my own uniquely personal creative service to the world, The Village of Lights was an important step on the path. I hope this project can remain an inspiration for anyone asking similar questions about community service and creative compassion.

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