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sustainable sculptures

Sustainable Sculptures is an ongoing series of functional sculptures made from unwanted or recycled materials. Each piece is a practice in transformation, an exploration in turning suffering into strength, and weakness into awakening. 


The above tea table was made by glueing together discarded scraps of mahogany left over from a cabinet maker in Provo, and then planing the resulting board for a smooth, even finish. The legs are thicker mahogany scraps that were connected with a mortise and tenon joint made from poplar dowels.

This live edge coffee table came from an old elm tree that had been felled in the garden of my friends' house by the previous owners who had planted the tree. These friends were re-landscaping the entire yard and so they allowed me to haul away the butt and turn it into a few pieces of furniture.

These handplanes are made from scrap wood and whatever else is found laying around for a hand strap, e.g. a leather belt, a punctured cycling tube, or a bit of rope. 


This cross is made from double-recycled mahogany scraps, aka the scraps from the original scraps. The leather necklace came from a retired boot string that had been used as a headband on an old hat.

All sculptures in the series are for sale, including many that are not pictured here. Others are being created all the time, so do check back. Reach out with interest, questions on pricing, or to discuss commissioned pieces.

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