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hikaru dorodango

Hikaru Dorodango ("shiny mud dumpling") is a Japanese art practice derived from children making mud balls. I approach this practice as a meditative technique, as well as using the resulting artifacts as grounding tools for ongoing contemplative practice. Follow my latest dorodango creations on Instagram.



The process of making dorodango is simple, but the results feel alchemical. These objects, created from humble beginnings, are an expression of process refinement. They celebrate what's possible when we combine abundant raw materials with an intention for a more beautiful world.


Most dorodango are made from two ingredients: dirt and water. Different soils found in different location have their own unique properties. Each dorodango is a snapshot of place, time, and technique. Each surface bears the scars of contrary forces at work within the ball as it has cured. Uniform tension throughout the sphere often gives way to cracking or crazing in unique lines and patterns. They are each elegant in their own way, because of their imperfections.


Making hikaru dorodango is a lovely way of capturing earth that is special to you, whether it reminds you of home, or a place you have traveled. I offer occasional workshops for those individuals interested in experiencing the meditative wisdom of this technique. Though frequently frustrating, the dorodango process inspires mindfulness and connection to place.


However you understand these earthen spheres, holding one in your hands will reconnect you to the home we all share as a human family.


I sell balls for $300 each. I also accept commissions for $500 if you have at least 4 cups of gathered dirt, remains/ashes of a loved one, or other ground material. Contact me for details.

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