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contemplative gardens

The Contemplative Gardens project is an exploration of sacred spatiality. Can sacred spaces be designed? If so, what makes a space sacred? And what would it mean to cultivate more sacred space?  

The project began at the Faith Matters Restore conference in 2023 as an effort to provide a contemplative respite for attendees. The initial garden was an immersive design with over 20 red banana leaf trees, local wildflowers, and a spatial audio bath soundtrack. 

Image by Motoki Tonn

Two future installations are planned for June and September of 2024, with two partner conferences. Concepts at this point include zen-inspired rock gardens with massive salt chunks, quarried at the REAL salt mine in Redmond, Utah. 

Firefly architectural rendering of 5 large salt rock lamps organized as an indoor meditati

Another concept I am working on centers around a large, glowing redwood sculpture, which serves as the arena for a daily sunset audio bath. The conceptual focus is to create a mental health intervention around an immersive, community-centered ritual.

Firefly an architectural sketch of a giant, glowing redwood tree surrounded by a meditatio

I am also currently seeking partners interested in sponsoring a geothermal greenhouse zen garden that will provide a comfortable contemplative garden experience year-round through Utah's snowy winters. 

Firefly an architectural sketch of a meditation hall and garden, in the mountains

If you are interested in experiencing any of the upcoming installations, the best way to stay up to date is through my Patreon channel which is focused on contemplative experiences in nature.

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