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the boy who spoke to the earth

The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth is a tale about a young boy who asks the Earth where he can find happiness. 


The Earth responds and sends the boy on a journey to some of the landscapes that make the Earth most proud. In the end, the boy learns that happiness is harder to find than he expected.


The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth won the IPPY gold medal for children's book of the year in 2015. The book is ​for sale on Amazon. It is a collaboration between Dreamling Books, David McClellan, and Chris Burkard.

My role on this project was as the ghostwriter and creative director. Working with the team to realize such a special storytelling project was a miracle. Something bigger than us made this book.


As I reflect on the story 10 years after it was first created, I am struck by how poignant the message still feels. The importance of pause has only increased as I have gotten older. I don't know that there is a more meaningful message we could share with rising generations than to practice a contemplative gaze.

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