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Still Point: School of Mystical Design is a studio for contemplative and creative arts.

When Jesus was asked how to spend one's life, his first response was essentially to do nothing. Love God. Just contemplate the wonders of life with your entire being. And also, he added, do something. Create love between yourself and whatever you are close to as though you are one. Everything else stems from these two practices.​

Do nothing and do something. Contemplate and create. Pay attention, and then respond compassionately—suffering with those who suffer. What emerges through this pattern is inspired engagement with Sacred Reality. We begin to see the wonder in all of creation and discover ways for uniquely-personal, compassionate service to the world (i.e. ministry). I call this process mystical design.

I hope my work can be an inspiration to you on your own path of ministry. 

- Haymitch


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