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the dreamathon

The Dreamathon was an interactive art exhibit with the mission to inspire visitors to follow their dreams. 

An amazing creative team, with the support of incredible friends, family, and volunteers, invited dozens of artists, storytellers, musicians, and athletes to collaborate to resurrect a century-old, abandoned high school in south Salt Lake City, creating an immersive experience for over 10,000 visitors in just over one week.

Although The Dreamathon was shut down by the school district that owned the building for improper use of property (a fair claim), the spirit of the experience lives on. As one co-creator on a team of extraordinary beings, I continue to wonder what the 'school of dreams' means to me, and others. What do 'learning' and 'education' look like in holier realms? Where does the pure pursuit of truth and light lead us on the path of human development? What is humanity's destiny, and what kinds of learning experiences will we dream up to take us there?

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