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friend of the devil

friend of the devil


Friend of the Devil is a biographical and spiritual analysis of mental health, mistakes, and self-forgiveness.


After causing a car accident in 2007 that killed a pregnant mother and two of her children, Cameron White was miraculously forgiven by the other driver, the husband and father of those he had killed, Chris Williams. Seventeen years later, Cameron and sat down with his close friend for a series of conversations to make sense of the unfortunate past, the sacred present, and the hopeful future as a husband and father himself.


For anyone struggling with self-forgiveness, this book can be a resource for transforming mental suffering into spiritual awakening, learning the art of letting go of mistakes, and befriending the inner devil with love and understanding on one’s path to healing.


Pay It Forward: Use the code DONATETHISBOOK at checkout and I will donate this book on your behalf to someone recovering from criminal activity, substance abuse, or other mental health challenges. Thank you in advance for your generosity and compassion! 

Expected to ship in mid-June
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