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road to the shire

Road to the Shire: A Creativity for the Two Halves of Life is an autobiographical account about a failed hero's journey. Fortunately for all of us, failure turns out to be the raw material out of which real adventures are made. 


When people say, "What should I do with my life?" the more interesting question is, "How do I cultivate the quietness of my being, where 'what I should do with my life' will become apparent?"  - Ram Dass


The story begins in 2011, when two friends and I tried to convince Peter Jackson to cast us as extras in The Hobbit film. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.10.44 AM.png

What started out feeling like a hero's journey, unravels over and over again for many years, as I came to realize that I hadn't been hearing the true call to adventure all along. Then tragedy strikes. And from there, the real adventure begins.


The book is due for release in 2025. 

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